National Advertising Standards

National Advertising Standards, Codes, Principles or Programs typically apply to all forms of advertising, defined as paid-for commercial communication. In some countries, advertising standards also apply to product packaging, mirroring local legal definitions of advertising, or event to non-commercial advertising, such as political communications or cause advocacy.

Whereas some markets have adopted the ICC Marketing Code as written, others adapt it to meet national circumstances and needs. In either case, the ICC Code is often considered as a global reference. National advertising standards may however expand beyond the provisions of the ICC Code.

Self-regulatory codes are always applied in the spirit as well as to the letter. They should be flexible enough to adapt to new forms of advertising techniques and technologies. The list of Advertising Standards in force in ICAS markets can be found in the Global SRO Database. Cross-sector horizontal standards are also typically supplemented by sector-specific, issue-specific or media-specific guidelines. An example of such guidelines are influencer marketing guidelines.

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