Guidelines for Social Media Influencers

A social media influencer is an individual with a large or targeted audience of followers who has the potential to affect the purchase decisions of others and who may be approached by brands to promote their products or services.

Advertising standards aim to ensure that any paid content is clearly labelled as such. This means that consumers should be able to identify when a post by a social influencer is an ad, and when it is not.

Here is an overview of existing (self-)regulatory Guidelines implemented in ICAS markets worldwide to ensure a transparent disclosure of ads by social media influencers. Many of these guidelines are inspired by and consistent with the ICC Marketing Code.

Remark: “n.a.” means that Guidelines are currently not available for this market.

CountryGuidelinesDocument dateLanguage
AustraliaAd Standards guidelines for influencers and AANA Clearly Distinguishable Advertising Industry Practice Note26/10/2018EN
BelgiumRecommendations of the Communications Center regarding Influencer Marketing25/04/2022FR, NL
BrazilGuia de Publicidade Por Influenciadores Digitais and Tabela Pratica Para Influenciadores 08/12/2020PT
CanadaInfluencer Marketing Steering Committee Disclosure Guidelines and Interpretation Guidelines #5 (Testimonials, Endorsements, Reviews)Fall 2020EN
SpainCode of Conduct on the Use of Influencers Fall 2020ES
FranceARPP Recommendation on Digital Communication Ads06/06/2017EN, FR
IrelandASAI Guidance Note on the Recognisability of marketing communications30/11/2016EN
IndiaGuidelines for Influencer Advertising in Digital Media05/2021EN
ItalySocial Network and Content Sharing Section of the IAP Digital Chart27/06/2016IT
The NetherlandsSocial Media & Influencer Marketing Code15/05/2019NL
New ZealandInfluencers AdHelp Information on Identifying Ad Content02/09/2020EN
PeruGuía de Publicidad para Influencers14/11/2019ES
PhilippinesASC Digital Guidelines for Regulated and Non-Regulated Categories15/02/2017EN
Portugalunder development
RomaniaCode of Advertising Practice (definition of influencer & Art. 4)26/08/2018EN, RO
SingaporeGuidelines for Interactive Marketing Communication & Social Media29/08/2016EN
South Africaunder development
SwedenSwedish Consumer Agency Guidance on marletig in blogs and other sociale media07/05/2018SE
United Arab EmiratesA Guide to Influencer Marketing in the United Arab Emirates Best Practices Charter07/04/2021EN
United KingdomInfluencers' guide to making clear that ads are ads06/02/2020EN
USAFTC Guide on the Use of Endorsements and Testimonials in Advertising and “Disclosures 101 for Social Media Influencers” (the “Guide”)17/12/2012 and 5/11/2019EN
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