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This Document Library includes useful resources on Advertising Self-Regulation produced by ICAS and by third parties.

DISCLAIMER: Please note that ICAS does not in any way endorse those publications listed below which are authored by third parties. Such publications are included here for information purposes and ICAS neither guarantees the accuracy of the content nor accepts responsibility for the opinions expressed.

DateCategoryAuthor(s)Document title
02/12/2022ReportICAS2021 Global Factbook of Advertising Self-Regulatory Organizations
10/12/2021ReportICAS2020 Global Factbook of Advertising Self-Regulatory Organizations
23/11/2021StandardsICCICC Framework for Environmental Marketing Communications
16/11/2020ReportICAS2019 Global Factbook of Advertising Self-Regulatory Organisations
13/8/2020ReportICAS & EASAAdvertising Self-Regulation in times of COVID-19
30/07/2020ReportICASICAS Report on Advertising standards and practices on non-discrimination
26/06/2020ToolkitICCThe Benefits of Advertising Self-Regulation
22/07/2019ReportICAS2018 Global Factbook of Advertising Self-Regulatory Organizations
03/12/2018ReportICAS2017 Global Factbook of Advertising Self-Regulatory Organizations
26/11/2018Media ReleaseICASAdvertising standards foster transparency of influencer marketing
01/10/2018ReportICASHow are Self-Regulatory Organizations financed?
25/09/2018StandardsICCAdvertising and Marketing Code
19/06/2018StandardsICC Mobile supplement to the ICC Resource Guide for Self-Regulation of Interest Based Advertising
12/04/2018StandardsICC Guide for Responsible Mobile Marketing Communications
12/12/2017ReportICASInternational Guide to Developing a Self-Regulatory Organisation
14/08/2017ReportFARBest Practice Advertising Regulation Checklist
10/08/2017ReportDeloitteAssessing the benefits of a self-regulatory advertising complaints handling system
14/12/2016StandardsICCReference Guide on Advertising to Children
08/12/2016StandardsICC, ESOMARInternational Code on Market, Opinion and Social Research and Data Analytics
26/10/2016Media ReleaseICASNew ICAS launched in October in Lisbon
03/10/2016StandardsEASABest Practice Recommendation on Online Behavioural Advertising
31/05/2015StandardsEASABest Practice Recommendation on Digital Marketing Communications
06/05/2015StandardsICCGuide on Native Advertising
01/03/2015Public sectorOECDIndustry Self-Regulation: Role and Use in Supporting Consumer Interests
30/09/2014StandardsIARDDigital Guiding Principles: Self-Regulation of Marketing Communications for Beverage Alcohol
20/08/2014Public sectorAPECAction Agenda on Advertising Standards and Practice Development
31/03/2014StandardsICCFramework for Responsible Marketing Communications of Alcohol
20/12/2012StandardsICCResource Guide for Self-Regulation of Online Behavioural Advertising
30/11/2011StandardsIARDGuiding Principles: Self-Regulation of Marketing Communications for Beverage Alcohol
31/07/2011StandardsICCFramework for responsible environmental marketing communications
31/01/2011ReportAFAA, IAAAdvertising Self-Regulation in Asia and Australasia
21/05/2010Public sectorWHORecommendations on the Marketing of Foods and Beverages to Children
31/03/2010Public sectorWHO, FAOInternational Guidelines on pesticide advertising
31/05/2007StandardsICCInternational Code of Direct Selling
30/04/2004StandardsEASABest Practice Self-Regulatory Model
31/05/2002StandardsEASACommon Principles and Operating Standards of Best Practice
31/12/1981Public sectorWHOInternational Code of Marketing of Breast-Milk Substitutes
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