How are Self-Regulatory Organizations financed?

Ever wondered how Advertising Self-Regulation is financed? Based on information collected on 48 markets, the International Council for Advertising Self-Regulation (ICAS) has put together a short note describing the main funding models in place across the world.

Advertising Self-Regulatory Organizations (SROs) are independent bodies set up by the advertising industry to apply standards aimed at ensuring that advertisements are responsible from an ethical point of view. The 4-page document published by ICAS today provides a description of the membership model, the levy system, and other mechanisms used to finance SROs.

Overall, SROs can be grouped into three main categories in terms of how their activities are financed:

  • The vast majority of SROs (32 markets) are primarily financed by membership fees;
  • 6 markets use a levy system;
  • The remaining SROs (10 markets) use other models.
SRO funding models pie chart

SRO funding models worldwide


For more details, download the full ICAS note on SRO funding.


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