SEE joins ICAS as a new member

ICAS welcomes the Greek Advertising Self-Regulation Council (SEE) as a new associate member

Brussels, 7 December 2021: The International Council for Ad Self-Regulation, ICAS, and its members are delighted that the Greek Advertising Self-Regulation Council, SEE, is joining ICAS as an associate member.

SEE is the independent national self-regulatory organization of the Greek advertising industry, officially established in 2003, building on a self-regulatory system for advertising which has been in place in Greece since the 1970s. SEE is fully recognized by the Greek regulators as having the exclusive responsibility for upholding the provisions of the Greek Code of Advertising and Communications Practices. SEE is also a member of the European Advertising Standards Alliance, EASA, and has won Bronze at the 2019 EASA Best Practice Awards. 

ICAS greatly appreciates the expertise and knowledge SEE will bring to ICAS and its members. SEE joins 25 advertising self-regulatory bodies across the world as part of the ICAS network, as well as other national, regional and international industry bodies committed to responsible advertising.

Guy Parker, ICAS President and Chief Executive of the ASA UK, stated: 

With SEE, Greece has a strong advertising self-regulatory system, which is recognized by the national regulators and has proven to be a very resilient and effective system that has promoted responsible advertising in Greece for almost two decades. Our global network is proud to have SEE join as new associate member. We look forward to a strong cooperation that will certainly benefit our network and the development of global ad self-regulation.

Yvette Kosmetatou, Chairwoman of SEE, Greece stated: 

We are truly excited to join the International Council for Ad Self-Regulation (ICAS). Being a member of the European Advertising Standards Alliance (EASA) since 2004, SEE witnessed the birth of ICAS in 2016, as the association that promotes responsible advertising through the implementation of self-regulation, at a global level. We are honored to enter the association of our esteemed fellow SROs from around the world and we are looking forward to working closely towards an even stronger international ad self-regulatory system.   

Charo Fernando Magarzo, Chairwoman of EASA and Deputy Director, AUTOCONTROL, Spain stated

EASA highly welcomes this outstanding news. We have no doubt that the Greek SRO will bring the worldwide ad SR network its expertise and experience as a member of a coherent and well recognised European SR network, and that, likewise, engaging with the international ad SR community, will definitely be valuable for SEE in addressing common global challenges. As an important stakeholder in the European SR world, we are happy to see Greece embracing the fact that it is also fully part of the greater SR word.

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