ABAC joins ICAS as new associate member

ICAS is delighted to announce the Australian Alcohol Beverages Advertising Scheme (ABAC) as ICAS’ newest associate member

Brussels, 22 January 2024: The International Council for Advertising Self-Regulation (ICAS) and its members warmly welcomes the ABAC Scheme as associate member. 

ABAC, the Alcohol Beverages Advertising Scheme, is a non-profit organization established to promote  responsible marketing of alcohol beverages in Australia. ABAC achieves this through an effective advertising self-regulatory system, and through education and advisory services for the industry. The ABAC Scheme is administered by a Management Committee which, along with government, includes representatives from the industry and advertising. It is funded by the industry via membership levies, direct signatory fees and pre-vetting fees.

The ABAC Responsible Alcohol Marketing Code, which sets high standards for the responsible content and placement of alcohol marketing, has been recently updated and has fully entered into force on 1 January 2024. 

ABAC now joins the 33 members that are part of ICAS, including 27 advertising self-regulatory bodies from across the world as well as other national, regional and international industry bodies committed to responsible advertising. 

Guy Parker, ICAS President and Chief Executive of the ASA, UK, stated:

We are delighted to welcome ABAC to our global network. ABAC and the Australian self-regulatory organization, Ad Standards, a founding member of ICAS, have successfully collaborated in Australia for over 25 years to protect consumers from unethical advertising. We are excited that ABAC has now also joined ICAS and we look forward to working together with them and learning from their extensive expertise in the field of alcohol marketing.

The Hon Tony Smith, Independent Chair of the ABAC Scheme, said:

We look forward to working with and learning from ICAS and its extensive global network as ABAC continues to strive for global best practice in alcohol marketing regulation. ICAS plays a valuable role in connecting and supporting advertising self-regulatory organizations globally and we greatly appreciate the opportunity to join their network.

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