ICAS hosts DEI discussion in Cannes

Raising Ad Standards: How can we pave the way for more diverse and inclusive advertising? 

Diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) in advertising are essential for creating authentic, fair, and impactful content that resonates with diverse audiences, drives innovation, and builds consumer trust.

Since the tragic death of George Floyd, there has been notable progress when it comes to DEI. This pivotal moment spurred employers, brands, and companies, also across the advertising industry, to confront racism more earnestly and implement changes. However, the 2023 DEI Census conducted by the World Federation of Advertisers highlights that despite many efforts, significant gaps remain within the ad industry. This disparity underscores the ongoing need for meaningful and sustained initiatives to truly achieve diversity, equity and inclusion in advertising.

In our session, we will discuss with experts the current state of DEI in advertising worldwide, identify concrete actions the industry and Ad Standards Bodies / SROs could take, and explore how ad standards can be raised worldwide to achieve meaningful progress.

The session will featuring key insights from exclusive research conducted by the Geena Davis Institute for Cannes Lions 2024.


Steve Babaeko, Managing Director and Chief Creative Officer of X3M Ideas

Guy Parker, President of ICAS and Chief Executive of the Advertising Standards Authority in the UK

Madeline Di Nonno, President and CEO of the Geena Davis Institute (main speaker)

Sophie Roosen, Director Brands & Impact, Union des marques

Komal Singh, Senior Product Manager at Google 

Moderator: Jeffrey A. Greenbaum, Chairman of the Global Advertising Lawyers Alliance and Chair of the International Advertising Association’s Public Policy Council

More speakers will be announced soon.

Location: Mezzanine Lounge – Canopy by Hilton 

Date: 18 June

Time: 15:30 – 17:00 

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